Safely Advancing Vehicle Automation On Roads

Lift & Shift Automation

Vehicle automation solutions cannot address all real-world scenarios and as such require a supervisor to be able to monitor and take control when it is appropriate to do so. SAVOR explores the key requirements to apply remote monitoring and teleoperation to automated vehicles as an essential safety measure in achieving L4 operation on public roads. These requirements apply both to the vehicle automation stack, the communications and the remote monitoring and control interface.

CAV Technology Provider and Project Management: Conigital

Conigital have expertise in automating vehicles and providing supporting systems that enable their user as part of large operations. Conigital’s role comprises:

Project lead & management
Remote Monitoring and Teleoperation (RMTO) System
AV refinement to support RMTO
Provision of AV enabled vehicle and software stack
Testing support
Assessment on Public Road

Security & Human Factors Specialist: Coventry University

To develop and assess cybersecurity layers necessary for a secure system and establish the necessary local 5G network that will allow low latency, high bandwidth, Distributed Data Services.

Undertake Human factors research to understand optimum supervisor to vehicle ratio and operating requirements

Test & Development Provider: IDIADA

IDIADA have experience in developing high integrity automotive solutions as well as AV development and testing.  IDIADAs role comprises:

Recommendation of base AV manoeuvres prior to RMTO
Safety assessment of the RMTO solution
Provision of additional AV enabled vehicles to support system assessment
Testing facilities and equipment
Scenario test plan
Independent testing of RMTO
5G Technology assessment
Recommendations reports for CCAV

Potential Fleet Operator: Coventry City Council/TfWM

Supporting the human factors assessment around remote monitoring and control and also providing a potential avenue for fleet deployments via local authority transport as well as an on-road assessment site.

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This report in incorporates recommendations for Remote Monitoring, Tele-Operation, and defines the Minimum Risk Conditions (MRCs) for Automated Driving Systems (ADS).


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